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Weaving and dyeing

  • Sound of machine rolling,
  • Nice and warm plant,
  • Dyeing yarn after dyeing,
  • Waiting for, weaving.

  • To hearing the rigorous sound of machine rolling, before you step into our factory. After entry to the production line, your eyes will be surprise to attention on every marvelous weaving moment. In the bright product lines, show every constant staff emotional concentration bred a story for webbing.

    WeiDean Weaving originated from Taiwan. It has over 40 years rich professional weaving and textile experiences. We serve in China and Vietnam. We provide functional, fashionable, and environmental weaving products.

    Our products serve on medical, sport, bags, shoes, cloth, and luggage. To considering has stability and efficiency, productivity, WeiDean is keeping focus on R&D for the market, and providing the best and newly product.

    To considering to provide the best quality control, we achieved one-step producing. WeiDean has R&D team, raw material department(抽紗), dyeing department, weaving department, and quality control department. Those departments could satisfy most of customer requests.

    WeiDean’ code of conducts are “equal and legally” to improving labor-capital relationship.

    The company strictly abides by the laws and regulations and respects the local culture, and in its daily management, it sticks to the principle of "objective treatment, strict management, gradual improvement and mutual tolerance".

    We pay attention to safeguarding the rights and interests of Vietnamese employees according to law and solving various problems of local staff.

    We continue to promote the process of local language system, and establish a harmonious labor relations.

    WeiDean believe respect and responsibility is the most important for everyone. People-oriented enterprise is the basis for sustainable development. Therefore, WeiDean is considering all of employee’s health, safety, and welfare seriously.

    Regularly provide education and training to promote employees to better understand themselves and maximize their potential. Establish and improve the management system, balance the development of on-the-job skills, work together to draw a new blueprint for the development of the company.

    WeiHong Weaving Co., Ltd.

    Focused on "China based, growing the world" of the global economic layout, in 1998 due to strong demand in the mainland market, the establishment of production weaving factory to meet the needs of our customers.
    In recent years, the market is more interest to innovating green webbing. The green webbing is suitable for daily durables. (outdoor sports, medical, protection and others)
    The company provides [color picking] [Color sampling] [color verify] [dyeing] [weaving] [ironing or processing] [finished], The Wei Hong is keeping concentrate on innovation, strict quality requirement, and efficiency customer service. Because of these concentrations for 16 years, the Wei Hong has perfect textile technology and knowledge. Because of these concentrations and rich experiences, the Wei Hong is confidently to provide the professional service to the customer. Therefore, the Wei Hong became well-known companies (Deckers, Wolverine, VF, Tumi, etc…) long-term designated supplier or partner.


    Over the years, the company acquires a strong development competency, a weaving, sewing and packing capacity. To ensure the stability of the raw material quality, production efficiency, and development capacity. Our factory is fully to filled customer request in terms of yarn tensile strength, color, functional or other specific requirement, to reach the most efficient development and production of yarn extrusion.


    Found in 2005, and since its establishment, has been engaged in weaving and dyeing related operations. Since July 2015, the Vietnam WeiDean became subsidiary of the company. The Ueilong enterprise share textile rich experiences which leads the Vietnam WeiDean towards innovation and transformation. Nowadays, the Vietnam WeiDean officially become to the one-step production company. It provides fiber production, weaving, dyeing, shaping, testing, packaging, shipping and customer service.

    Land area: total of about 30,000 square meters (the first phase)

    Production List

    Specializing in: hand straps, luggage, clothing, footwear, sports equipment, medical equipment, furniture ... and other types of webbing.

    Equipment Introduction

    1. Weaving equipment: high-speed weaving, knitting, jacquard, variable width, and dancing machine… etc..
    2. Dyeing and finishing equipment: continuous dyeing machine, packaged yarn dyeing machine, horizontal high temperature jet cylinder, beam dyeing machine.

    Product Description

    1. Raw materials: nylon, polyester, PP, acrylic, SP yarn, cotton yarn and other yarn.
    2. Products: various webbing, jacquard webbing, elastic gore, variable webbing, round rope, flat rope, jacquard elastic gore, and jacquard elastic gore. Post processing: heat transfer, embossing…etc.

    Capacity and Equipment Introduction

    The factory currently has all kinds of imported over 600 weaving machines.
    The plenty machine provides powerful daily productivity. (over 300 million yards)

    Production Process Environment

    The Vietnam WeiDean and WeiHong have ISO 9001 certification, OEKO-Tex certification. It also has the professional laboratory provides comprehensive product testing to satisfy the customer.